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Ongoing projects

Exceptionality at the crossroads of phonology and morphology

SSHRC Insight grant 


This project examines how phonological exceptionality can be affected by morphological factors. This included regularization by affixation and affixation exceptionality. 

Image by Francis Painchaud

Community-engaged linguistic consulting

SSHRC Partnership Engage grant application ongoing


Language is at the core of human experience. As linguists we have an opportunity to serve and empower communities and act as catalysts for change and language revitalization.

Image by Hannah Busing

The Phonology of Slovenian

NWO Rubicon Grant

University of Toronto Connaught grant

Government of Slovenia grants


Slovenian data offers a rich basis for phonological research. This project will provide a comprehensive overview of Slovenian sound patterns.

Image by Hostaphoto

Fieldwork and language documentation

SSHRC Insight Development grant

SSHRC Insight grant

ongoing grant applications

Data obtained in the field has been instrumental in advancing linguistic theories. The goal of this project is to identify and refine best practices in supporting language communities. 

Image by Vonecia Carswell

Phonological opacity

SSHRC grant application in progress


Opacity is a major challenge for constraint-based theories, particularly parallel Optimality Theory. This project aims at cataloguing opaque patterns across languages and provide principled accounts for a subset of opaque patterns.

Image by Hannah Wright

Locality in consonant harmony

SSHRC Insight Development grant


This project focuses on an ultrasound investigation of two varieties of Slovenian which deepen our understanding of consonant harmony.

Image by Colton Sturgeon

Resources for teaching linguistics

University of Toronto ATLAS grants


Radical hands-on approach is at the core of my teaching philosophy. This project is aimed at developing tools for more effective teaching.

Image by Headway
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